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Monitor Settings

Things are changing fast on the web! As the standards change we all need to keep up, both in hardware and software applications to enjoy all the web has to offer. I, Michael Johnson have found that many people are unaware of just how easy it can be to improve your system for optimal viewing. Inaccurate colors, grainy images and cramped pages can often be taken care of with a few simple adjustments. Although some people just plain need a new computer (you know who you are), we hope the following information will be a help to you.

These are your computer settings. Recommended settings
Current resolution: x This figure should be 800 x 600 or higher. (not 640 x 480)
Browser: We recommend MS Internet Explorer Ver. 5 +
Max resolution: x Should be 800 x 600 minimum
Version: N/A
Color depth: bit Should be 16 bit, 24 bit or 32 bit. (not 256)
Code name: N/A
Platform: N/A
Colors: Should be 65536 (16 bit) or higher.
Java enabled: Should say "yes"
Anti-aliasing fonts: Should say "yes"

Be aware that the term "screen resolution" does not relate to your monitor's physical size. A 14 inch monitor shows the same amount of image as a 21 inch monitor. A higher screen resolution means you will see more on screen at one time. One of the biggest problems that we encounter is with (usually) older computers set at a screen resolution of 640 by 480. This is an old standard that is quickly becoming outdated. Many of the newer Web sites are not designed to be compatible with this resolution, and will leave you scrolling left and right to view the web page, and worse. The information above should tell you what your current settings are.