FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. Grossly oversimplified, FLAC is similar to MP3, but lossless, meaning that audio is compressed in FLAC without any loss in quality. This is similar to how Zip works, except with FLAC you will get much better compression because it is designed specifically for audio, and you can play back compressed FLAC files in your favorite player (or your car or home stereo, see supported devices) just like you would an MP3 file.

A Decent BitTorrent Guide
BitTorrent is the name of a peer-to-peer (P2P) file distribution client application and also of its related file sharing protocol, both of which were created by programmer Bram Cohen. BitTorrent is designed to distribute large amounts of data widely without incurring the corresponding consumption in costly server and bandwidth resources. CacheLogic suggests that BitTorrent traffic accounts for ~35% of all traffic on the Internet, while other sources are skeptical.[
The best bittorrent client available, bar none.
The "Google" of the pirate world. Torrentz is a site that indexes torrent files for bittorrent. indexes most of the main Tracker sites.

Media Monkey The best media player. It is better than WinAmp, iTunes, Foobar, Windows Media Player, and Music Match. If you do not believe me try it. It's free.